My Review of Chess
Alright. The obscure musical Chess. So, I think this DVD proved how much talent Idina Menzel does not have and that Idina Menzel is a poor man's Idina Menzel. Also, Kerry Ellis is a rich man's Idina Menzel. And the people who made the jpeg projections need to be fired yesterday. What is the current state of musical theatre? Aiyah. I mean really. The Chony's were a mess. (I do not need to see National Tour Actors performing shows from their National Tours on a night that is about the CURRENT season on Broadway). And the talent from both the performer and technician world were disgusting. Just disapointing thats all. Josh Groban was good in Chess. 4 and a half thumbs for Groban. I'd say 5 and a half for Kerry Ellis out a possible six.

Thanks Kerry Ellis you made it worth the 16.99.



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