So, I threw my neck out in rehearsal today. Not fun. Saw a friends show which was awesome. Actually, two friends' show. Both equally awesome. Congrads to both of them on awesome awesome work. Super strong. Epic and passionate, what theatre should be.

Peace out


My Review of Chess
Alright. The obscure musical Chess. So, I think this DVD proved how much talent Idina Menzel does not have and that Idina Menzel is a poor man's Idina Menzel. Also, Kerry Ellis is a rich man's Idina Menzel. And the people who made the jpeg projections need to be fired yesterday. What is the current state of musical theatre? Aiyah. I mean really. The Chony's were a mess. (I do not need to see National Tour Actors performing shows from their National Tours on a night that is about the CURRENT season on Broadway). And the talent from both the performer and technician world were disgusting. Just disapointing thats all. Josh Groban was good in Chess. 4 and a half thumbs for Groban. I'd say 5 and a half for Kerry Ellis out a possible six.

Thanks Kerry Ellis you made it worth the 16.99.


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Idina Menzel has nodes. Stop spreading your freaking vowels. SAVE YOUR VOICE PLEASE!

There I wan stressing out about watching Chess tonight on Great Performances (PBS), when the DVD was released yesterday! So off we went for an HMV adventure to pick up some Chess. Went to the mall, visited EB games (played some Batman) then off to Sam Wok. Nothing like a good Wonton with Noodle. Now, we're on to my house for a Chess Party.

Let's go to the CHESS VIEWING!

Alright, for a concert at the Royal Albert I'm surprised how many poor background singers there are... shame. Ah, it was still worth the 16.99 for the sheer Epic Grandness of its productions.

Hello All! This is my new live journal.


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